Deep Cuts Don't Keep The Mansion Running

by Odd Dates

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Dedicated to our loved ones.


released July 22, 2016

Jeremy + Sam = Odd Dates

Art by Nick Ferran
Photography by Jeremy Dye

Mixed by Ryan Wasoba
Mastered by Joel Hastat
Recorded at Bird Cloud Recordings


all rights reserved



Odd Dates Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Teenage Dreams
I’m so tired
the warmth of fire
is all that I desire

but teenage dreams
oh they don’t die so easily

another goal another dream
another thing that I must need
it’s obscene how much it means
to me
Track Name: Games
we’re all playing games
they’re all the fucking same
I can see it clear as day
here I am, playing anyway

can’t get these thoughts out of my head
our true intentions never see the light of the day
can’t get these thoughts out of my head
always hidden by the veils of our eyes

may I please have your attention for the following message
please just fuck off at your earliest convenience
cause I’m so fucking sick of everything about you
it’s about fucking time someone had some words to say
about all the horrid things that you do and the vile shit that you spew
the never ending twists and turns of your half thought out half truths
your filthy fucking plans dotted with holes hardly holding water
schemes and designs to maybe make you happy one day in the end
so let me sum this up for you in less than 140 characters

fuck you
Track Name: Pink Noise
the mouse makes a click
the dopamine begins to drip

there's no cheese at the end of the stick
just a master without a whip

the wind's not gonna change
so maybe it is time to change the orientation of our sails
to ward off stagnation and all those awful folks he brings around
always sleeping on your couch wasting away on facebook and reddit

I don't know if anything is real anymore
bits and bytes stream and swirl
as I stare with my dead eyes
and I'm always here trying to cut the cord
but it holds on so tightly

do you ever really feel?
do you ever really think?
do you ever lie awake,
and wonder what this is?
Track Name: The Boy
you always look the same to me
so why aren't you always there

and I know that your hair has gotten a little bit longer
but I don't care
you're still the boy who wears the clothes his mom and sister bought him last christmas

you always look the same to me
so why aren't you always there

and when we see each other in the bathroom mirror
I hope that you will break your gaze from mine
and read what we wrote on our body that one time
Track Name: Notches
notches in a belt, none of them hardly felt
my hands are full, but my stomach is empty
notches in a belt

notches in a belt, none of them hardly felt
a square peg for my heart shaped hole
notches in a belt

we are not alone, this is what I believe
you can call it naive, I really don't care
cause I just need some hope to hold on to
to keep my head stitched at the seams
so will you please just, please just hold on to me

bide my time and wait patiently
nothing worth doing was ever easy
Track Name: Who Knew?
oh, who knew?
that growing up would be so disappointing

they told me do what you love, it's what they said
but it's not what they meant
Track Name: Wasting
I'm wasted and waiting
for a better way to be
Track Name: Jessica
you know the way to my heart
there's no guide, no map, no way to know for sure

but you did it despite all of our mistakes and missteps

you're the one
and you better never forget it
Track Name: Mort's a Has Been
it's in my nature to hesitate
so I resolve for ink to penetrate
I am yet again far too late

take a deep breath
it doesn't matter anymore

I'm soaking up all that I can swallow
but nothing ever seems to change
I'm still just deranged, I'm still just a mess
but I digress, I'm also blessed
I know it sounds really cheesy but it's the truth
my friends, my family they hold me together

while I untie this awful knot in my head

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